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Album: From Happiness To Disgrace (2007)

Song: Madness

Bitrate: 128kbps

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At the very beginning the band was formed by three guitars (Fabio, Sorma and Paolo), one bass (Ale) and drums (Beppe); Paolo formerly fitted the role of the singer. The whole thing was nothing but amateur, and it did not last long, as the band forced Paolo to split due to personal reasons. But Teo came up to fill the hole in September 2004, and the band could finally hit the stage with a renewed and stable line-up, playing several noteworthy gigs: in Codevilla (PV), at the local venue Thunder Road, in Milan at Transilvania, appearing also in some summer festivals, such as Distortion 2 Days and Absolute Rock Festival in Lodi. Stefania also gave her contribute as a female singer in the EP From Happiness To Disgrace, recorded at the JSR Studios in July 2005, produced and mixed by Max Lotti (Komaday, Time Machine). In November 2005 a new split stroke the band: once again the two singers and the rest of the guys decided to part ways because of their stylistic and musical divergences, as both their contribution and the production itself made their songs sound nu-metalish, causing malcontents inside the band, given that this was not the kind of music they meant to give life to. In January 2006 Tia joined the crew: here Haddah is starting to build more aggressive and violent music, closer to the European sound much more appreciated by the former members of the band.